EXPOSED is an exhibition which attempts, through images, to 'expose' my life which for many years was consumed by photography. I hope the exhibition reveals my love for photography, my hopes for humanity and that  it might come close to revealing my dreams. The images chronicle some of the work I did in the commercial sphere juxtaposed with reportage projects that I volunteered to do for international aid organisations. This was a way of giving back to society for the privileged life I felt I led.   I regularly put aside 4 - 8 weeks a year over a period of 18 years  to photograph in the developing world for Plan International and The Hunger Project.

In photographing the reportage projects I have attempted to portray the pride, grace and beauty I perceived in the people I met. I was without exception given their trust and I was humbled by their tenacity for life even when facing overwhelming odds - odds  which most Australians have no concept of unless they have experienced the oppressive conditions faced daily by a great proportion of humanity. 

I have been privileged to spend so much time with these inspiring people. In many ways, these diverse ethnic groups display an attitude, a zest and love for life that I fear has all but disappeared in the mainstream developed world.

The commercial work exhibited offers an insight into the varied projects I worked on to show my alternate photographic side. It seems I was uniquely appreciated for what I could add to a project and I was often given a free hand to add ideas, humour and subleties to my work. Also true is that imagination and empathy are needed in both disciplines, reportage and commercial photography. Over the years the reportage became my passion. The commercial work financed that passion.

In 2006 I was forced to give up my studio in Sydney for health reasons but a love for photography endures. In 2008 I moved to the Mid North Coast of New South Wales where I live with my inspirational wife Carolyn and Zippy the three legged wonder dog at Tread Softly Farm.

                  EXPOSED  EXHIBITION

The exhibition is open for 2 weeks from 23/3/17

Exhibition Dates:                                                                      Thursday 23 March to 2nd April 2017                         Gallery opening hours:                                                          Thursday to Friday      12noon - 6.00pm                  Saturday to Sunday    11.00am - 4.00pm                 

                        MAUD GALLERY            

20% of the profits from the exhibition will be donated evenly between Plan International and The Hunger Project.